Click each *House Tip* below for it to drop down with more info on how to prepare your house!

Curb appeal is one of the most important details.

  • Weed and mow the lawn
  • lay mulch
  • plant bright flowers

Paint your front door so that it pops! 

Clean the gutter and power wash the house and sidewalks.

inside and out! 

Your home should be in the best condition it can possibly be. Peeling paint, broken windows, leaky roofs, etc should all be taken care of prior to listing your home 

Paint the interior of the home on all rooms that have any type of marks on the walls or personalized colors. Stick with earth tones or mild gray colors – A good face lift to brighten the home

Remove all clutter. Clean out all of your closets, reorganize and remove knickknacks. You may need to rent a storage unit of some sort to store your belongings. 

Most people are pet lovers but not all are. Remove any signs of pets living in the home. 

  • dog or cat bowls
  • water bowls and
  • most importantly litter boxes

Find one central location for them and try to take them out of the house during all showings 

Odors can be a huge turn off. If you are uncertain of any smells, ask us for our input. 

Wipe down all surfaces, mop the floors, polish hardwood floors, clean off counters and place fresh flowers in vases around the home.